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My Wine Plus

MyWinePlus, a Los Angeles-based online premium wine retailer, specializes in delivering high-quality wines to discerning customers. While they’ve established their presence on the Shopify platform, they face challenges in optimizing their store’s organization and product presentation.

In response to their specific request, our mission was to revamp their Shopify store with comprehensive filters, providing customers with a seamless wine selection experience. Our goal was to ensure that MyWinePlus customers can effortlessly discover and acquire their desired wines through an organized and user-friendly storefront.









Business Challenges

MyWinePlus faced several formidable challenges that demanded innovative solutions. Understanding their extensive wine selection and ensuring effective presentation on their website was paramount. With the client lacking technical expertise, our role extended to not only understanding but also managing the technical aspects. Their wine collection, diverse in brands and flavors, required efficient organization to cater to customer preferences. Addressing distinct regional preferences was another challenge; a solution was needed to streamline the browsing experience for customers from specific regions. Furthermore, the assortment of brands, flavors, quality, and prices within the wine selection made the traditional approach of displaying all wines on a single page impractical.

The challenges included:
  • Comprehending the nuances of MyWinePlus’ diverse wine collection for effective website presentation.
  • Managing the technical aspects for a client lacking a technical background.
  • Efficiently organizing and presenting a wine collection featuring various brands and flavors.
  • Streamlining the browsing experience for customers with diverse regional preferences.
  • Handling the complexity of an extensive range of brands, flavors, quality, and prices within the wine selection.


Our dedicated WordPreset expert Shopify team offered a range of innovative solutions to tackle these challenges. These solutions led to the successful establishment of a well-organized Shopify store and delighted the client as they experienced remarkable growth in sales through their store.
Here’s a breakdown of the solutions implemented:

  • Advanced filters were implemented and customized to enable customers to filter products by brands, flavors, and prices.
  • Custom options in the backend allowed for the categorization of products by regions, simplifying the search process for region-specific customers.
  • Each product underwent a meticulous analysis and was categorized into collections based on brand, price, and region, significantly improving the customer browsing experience.

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London, UK 4:39 PM

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