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Ljusmannen is an innovative online platform that connects candle wholesalers, teachers, and students. It aims to simplify and enhance the fundraising process for school classes, associations, and large groups.

The platform allows students to order candles without paying upfront. They can then sell the candles to their customers and collect the money. The platform also enables teachers or parents to verify and confirm the orders before submitting them to the wholesaler for payment and delivery3. This way, students can avoid the risk of overstocking or understocking products, and focus on maximizing their sales.









Business Challenges

The client wanted to create a unique online platform that would enable wholesalers to order candles without paying in advance. The platform would also allow teachers and students to participate in fundraising campaigns by selling candles to their customers. To achieve this, we faced the following challenges:

  • Customizing the WooCommerce plugin to suit the client’s business model and requirements, such as custom order management with account hierarchy.
  • Developing different cart and checkout processes for different user roles, such as students, teachers, and wholesalers.
  • Setting up different pricing rules for different user groups, based on the product group and the quantity ordered.
  • Enabling teachers to manage their student accounts and orders, such as verifying, confirming, modifying, and submitting orders to the wholesaler.
  • Allowing teachers to place bulk orders for all their students at once on the site, after collecting the money from their customers.


We worked closely with the client to understand their business goals and provide them with a tailored solution. We delivered the following outcomes:

  • Custom cart and checkout: We modified the WooCommerce plugin to create a separate and simplified cart and checkout process for different user roles. Students could order candles without paying, while teachers could confirm and pay for the orders later.
  • User group management: We developed an admin module that allowed the client to create and manage different user groups, such as wholesalers, teachers, and students. Each user group had its own pricing rules based on the product group and the quantity ordered.
  • Account hierarchy: We implemented a feature that enabled teachers to invite students to register under their accounts. Teachers could also view and manage their students’ orders, as well as their own seller page.
  • Order management system: We built a system that allowed teachers to handle all student orders and process them into actual site orders. Teachers could verify, modify, and submit orders to the wholesaler for payment and delivery. They could also place bulk orders for all their students at once.

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London, UK 9:19 PM

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