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JB Estates

JB Estates, a trusted name in North Cornwall’s real estate market since 1971, has consistently excelled in the art of property sales, catering to a diverse range of clients seeking both grand, prestigious houses and charming, picturesque cottages. Their extensive market reach encompasses coveted locations such as Rock, Daymer Bay, Polzeath, and Port Isaac, in addition to other exclusive coastal areas in both North and South Cornwall.

In response to the evolving needs of the modern real estate landscape, our client has entrusted us with the exciting task of developing a cutting-edge property sales platform. This innovative solution will boast essential features, including advanced search capabilities, interactive Google Maps with cluster-based location visualization, and a user-friendly calendar for efficient property availability tracking. In this case study, we delve into the journey of crafting this bespoke platform, tailored to meet the unique demands of JB Estates and their discerning clientele.




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Business Challenges

  • The project’s scope was clearly defined, yet notably extensive, posing multifaceted challenges.
  • Intense competition was a prevailing factor, with numerous well-established and widely promoted property sales services dominating the web landscape.
  • Extensive collaboration with JB Estates’ leadership was undertaken to gain profound insights into their unique business context and the specific challenges they faced.
  • The client’s foremost priority was the development of a robust and high-performance search feature, recognized as the website’s pivotal component.
  • A sophisticated clustered mapping system was envisioned to present nearby properties as clusters, enhancing user experience by enabling dynamic map zoom upon cluster interaction.
  • A secure cloud-based solution was sought to store floor plans, brochures, and documents to ensure seamless website performance without causing any impact on load times.
  • The project was further compounded by a stringent deadline, necessitating precise project management to meet the website’s launch schedule.


  • Developed a powerful property search feature, enhancing user experience with filtering options such as location, price, category, bedrooms, and date range.
  • Implemented efficient database caching and utilized the WordPress transient concept to accelerate property searches, ensuring lightning-fast results.
  • Streamlined property management by leveraging WooCommerce and customizing fields, reducing the workload for the JB Estates team.
  • Conducted extensive research and development (R&D) to integrate a cluster mapping functionality seamlessly into Google Maps, simplifying property location exploration.
  • Enhanced website performance and user experience by implementing Amazon S3 for hosting floor plans and brochures, resulting in faster document loading and optimized memory usage.

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London, UK 4:48 PM

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