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Foxi Music

Foxi Music is a company that produces and sells royalty-free music for online use. They wanted to create a website that would allow users to download free and paid tracks with different subscription plans. They also wanted to have a custom filter, a playlist feature, and a music player with a wave effect. They contacted us to help them turn their idea into reality.

We worked closely with Foxi Music’s leadership to understand their business goals, target audience, and challenges. We developed a timeline of milestones and deliverables to ensure we would meet their launch date. We used the latest technologies and best practices to create a fully featured music website that met their expectations and needs.









Business Challenges

Foxi Music faced several challenges in creating their website for royalty-free music. They needed to:

  • Stand out from the competition. There were many popular and well-established music services on the web, so Foxi Music had to offer something unique and appealing to attract and retain customers.
  • Communicate effectively with the development agency. Foxi Music wanted to work with a local team that could understand their vision and requirements and provide regular updates on the project progress.
  • Provide advanced search and filter options. Foxi Music wanted to make it easy for users to find the perfect soundtrack for their projects by allowing them to filter tracks by collections, tags, categories, trending, newest, and more.
  • Restrict music downloads based on subscriptions. Foxi Music wanted to offer different subscription plans for personal, commercial, and enterprise use, and limit the number of downloads per plan. They also wanted to allow users to preview tracks before purchasing or subscribing.
  • Generate playlists quickly and easily. Foxi Music wanted to create playlists based on themes, genres, and moods, and let users add tracks to their own playlists.
  • Create a custom music player with a wave effect. Foxi Music wanted to enhance the user experience by providing a music player that could play one track at a time and show a wave effect on the screen.
  • Design an eye-catching website. Foxi Music wanted to have a website that reflected their brand identity and style, and that would appeal to their target audience.


We delivered the following solutions to Foxi Music using the latest technologies and best practices:

  • Customized website design: We created a website with WordPress (CMS) and PHP (PL) that matched their brand and audience. We made it responsive, fast, and secure.
  • Subscription module: We developed a module to let users subscribe to different packages and get download access. We used PayPal and WooCommerce.
  • Access integration: We implemented a feature to let users buy an all-access pass license and download anything in a time frame. We used WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
  • Advanced filter: We developed a filter to let users find tracks by collections, tags, categories, trending, newest, etc. We used the Transient API.
  • Playlists: We developed a page to let users filter themes, genres, and moods of the tracks from the playlists. We also let users add tracks to their own playlists. We used Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields plugins.
  • Music player: We developed a player to let users listen to tracks before buying them. We also added a wave effect. We used Howler.js and WaveSurfer.js libraries.

We used agile and scrum to complete the website on time. We worked closely with Foxi Music’s team to understand their vision and requirements and provide updates

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London, UK 9:19 PM

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