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Electric Confetti

Electric Confetti, a UK-based neon-light company with five years of industry experience, sought our expertise to craft a captivating website. They aimed to boost website traffic and improve checkout conversion rates by adding creative elements like a product builder, gift cards, and unique design quotations.

In response, we designed a one-of-a-kind website with enhanced order management tools, precise order estimation capabilities, and user-friendly wishlists and waitlists. This collaboration has not only enhanced their online presence but also fueled growth in the neon lights industry, making Electric Confetti shine brighter than ever









Business Challenges

  • Creative Innovation: Guided by Electric Confetti’s commitment to creative excellence, we faced the challenge of pushing the boundaries of conventional design. Natalie’s creative direction demanded a unique and artistic approach to the project, requiring us to think outside the box while respecting the brand’s heritage of artistic integrity.
  • Large-Scale Data Migration: Migrating over 1000 products from a non-WordPress website to the Gutenberg WordPress structure was a substantial undertaking. It involved careful data handling, ensuring that product details, images, and specifications seamlessly transitioned while maintaining data integrity.
  • High Traffic Optimization: The substantial increase in website traffic posed a significant challenge. We needed to optimize site performance to accommodate the surge in visitors, preventing slowdowns and crashes during peak periods. This involved meticulous performance tuning and server optimizations to maintain a seamless user experience.
  • Aggressive Timeline: The client had a tight timeline for the website launch, necessitating swift and efficient execution without compromising on quality. Meeting this timeline required effective project management and efficient teamwork to deliver a fully functional website within a matter of days.


  • Creative Synergy: The collaboration between the skilled Electric Confetti neon light design team and our talented WordPreset designers led to a fusion of creative brilliance. We harnessed this synergy to turn project challenges into opportunities, where the Electric Confetti team’s colorful creativity complemented the technical prowess of our qualified engineers.
  • Custom Neon Light Builder: To empower Electric Confetti’s website, we developed a standalone Neon Light Board Builder plugin, seamlessly integrated as a shortcode on any WordPress page. This tool allows customers to design their own neon light creations and expanding customization options.
  • Streamlined Booking and Invoicing: We introduced a lightweight booking, pre-order, and custom invoice plugin, enabling administrators to efficiently manage quote requests in the backend. This feature simplifies the process of generating custom invoices upon approval, streamlining operations.
  • Data Migration Expertise: We designed a custom migration script that expertly exported product data in CSV format from the old site and imported it into the new WordPress-compatible format, ensuring data integrity throughout the transition.
  • Performance Optimization: We elevated the website’s performance by relocating it to a dedicated server and implementing server caching and a Content Delivery Network (CDN). To further enhance site speed, we integrated the W3 Total Cache plugin and optimized the search result page by implementing database indexing.
  • Mobile-First Design: We also adopted a mobile-first design approach, ensuring that the website captivates users on all devices, further enhancing the overall user experience.

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London, UK 4:41 PM

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