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ALPEAN is a company that provides a holistic solution for the needs of modern professionals. It combines a co-working space with a health and wellness center, offering a range of services and facilities to enhance productivity, creativity, and well-being. Users can access ALPEAN’s online platform to book co-working spaces, workshops, fitness classes, and rehabilitation sessions.

Our team at WordPreset helped ALPEAN realize their vision by developing their online platform. We used our expertise in web design, user experience, and digital marketing to create a user-friendly and attractive website that showcases ALPEAN’s unique value proposition and attracts more customers.






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Business Challenges

ALPEAN had a complex and innovative business model that required a sophisticated online platform to manage their services and facilities. We faced several challenges in developing their website, such as:

  • Designing custom booking filters for each service category, such as co-working spaces, workshops, fitness classes, and rehabilitation sessions.
  • Creating a unified dashboard for admins and members to view and manage their bookings, and integrating it with Google Calendar for easy synchronization.
  • Building customized subscription options for different service categories, and implementing a credit system for flexible payment and booking.
  • Automating the door and code access system for the co-working space and the health and wellness center, using smart devices and QR codes.
  • Developing a multilingual web solution that supports both German and English languages, and ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across both versions.


We delivered a high-quality and user-friendly online platform for ALPEAN that met their complex and innovative business requirements. We overcame the following challenges with our expertise and creativity:

  • Custom filter system: We developed a custom filter system that allowed users to search and book different services based on various criteria, such as date, time, category, and availability. We optimized the queries for faster results and made the filters configurable from the backend.
  • Google Calendar integration: We integrated Google Calendar with the booking module to enable admins and members to manage their schedules directly from their calendars. We also displayed the booking details on the calendar events for easy reference.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions customization: We customized the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to create different subscription options for different service categories. We also implemented a credit system that supported flexible payment and booking with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • KISI Door API implementation: We implemented the KISI Door API to automate the door and code access system for the co-working space and the health and wellness center. We used smart devices and QR codes to grant access to users who booked or subscribed for the services for the desired time.
  • Multilingual capability: We used the qTranslate-X multi-language plugin and built custom plugins and themes compatible with it to support multilingual capability (German and English). We ensured a consistent and seamless user experience across both language versions.

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London, UK 4:46 PM

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